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You know you want to sound more like a native speaker.

You already have a solid understanding of the language and you're comfortable with your overall English skills - except for how you sound when speaking.

You know that you need to express yourself as well as your American colleagues and friends do.

You'd like to sound as articulate (and, let's be honest, intelligent) as you do in your native language.

You want to feel like yourself when speaking English.

Where should we get started first?

I know why you're here:

You sense that there are special strategies we use to communicate clearly, but you feel a little lost.

You wonder which expressions are okay in professional situations, and which should only be used informally.

You're concerned about your tone of voice (people seem to think you sound annoyed for some reason).

And you're tired of repeating yourself.

You're ready to learn the communication skills that will enable you to actively participate in conversations and discussions.

No more wasting time worrying about making mistakes or sounding rude - you want to feel confident about what you say and how you say it.

To sound more natural, you need to find ways to connect with people!

So how you do this?

  • By learning how to keep conversations going. (Try this guide.)
  • By asking the right types of questions and finally knowing how to respond to them. (Watch these videos.)
  • By expressing how you feel through your tone, not just your words. (Start with your pitch.)
  • By making sure your meaning is clear and easy to understand. (Learn the rhythm of English.)

That’s what native speakers do. And you can do it too.

Let me be your guide.

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