You want to feel like yourself when speaking English.

You're comfortable with your English skills - except for how you sound when speaking.

You know that you need to express yourself as clearly as your American colleagues and friends do.

You'd like to sound as articulate, intelligent, and natural as you do in your native language. (And not have to worry about your accent.)

You would love to participate confidently in small talk, ask questions and give answers that create conversations, and sound more professional in discussions.


Where should we get started first?

I know why you're here:

You sense that there are special strategies we use to communicate clearly, but you feel a little lost navigating American culture.

You wonder which expressions are okay in professional situations, and which should only be used informally.

You're concerned about your tone of voice (people seem to think you sound annoyed or even rude).

And you're tired of repeating yourself.

You're ready to learn the skills you need for conversations and discussions.

No more wasting time - you want to trust what you say and how you say it. Because you know it matters.

Learn how to keep conversations going.

Start with this small talk guide and understand how to ask better questions and connect in conversations.

Make sure your voice and your meaning are clear.

You'll be easy to understand when you master the rhythm of English through word and sentence stress.

Express how you feel through your tone.

It's not just about your words. Learn how to change your pitch by using different intonation patterns.

This is what native speakers do. And you can do it too.

Let me be your guide.

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