I am here to guide you.

You're a motivated, hard-working professional who needs stronger communication skills in American English.

You're well-educated and want to sound as articulate, intelligent, and natural as you do in your native language.

You'd like to actively participate in conversations, give better presentations, and speak up more often in meetings and discussions.

You want to feel more confident that that people understand you and what you say.

(And you'd really like people to stop asking you to repeat yourself because of your accent or your pronunciation.)

You would love to connect with native speakers and not feel so unnatural or worried about making mistakes.

You want to feel like yourself when speaking English.

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Simply put, you want to feel more confident interacting with native English speakers.

Hi there! I'm Kim.

I’m an accent and communication coach for non-native English speakers.

My job is to help you clearly communicate your meaning through natural-sounding stress and intonation. I'll help you improve how you sound so that you speak more clearly and are more easily understood in American English.

I know you're ready to express yourself more naturally.

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Here's why this matters to me.

I know you're concerned about being polite, sounding professional, and may feel somewhat shy about speaking with native-speaking coworkers, classmates, and colleagues because you're self-conscious about how you sound.

That's because I have definitely been there myself.

Even though I speak Spanish fluently, people still comment on how American I sound.

After years living in South America, I feel like I should sound more like a native speaker.

It took me a long time to realize I was speaking Spanish with American rhythm and melody, and that was why people kept commenting on my unique tone.

When I'm interacting with new people or speaking up in professional meetings, I wonder if people are going to take me seriously since I still speak with an accent.

But then I remind myself that it's more important to speak clearly so that people understand me, and I focus on doing just that.

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Sounding more natural is not about eliminating your accent completely.

It’s about changing aspects of your pronunciation and accent that distract from your message.

It’s about learning how to communicate your ideas effectively, and showing your listeners that you may be a non-native speaker, but you speak incredibly well.

It's about discovering how to use your voice to emphasize your most important ideas and making it easy for people to follow what you're saying.

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I want to help you find the confidence I now have.

I started English with Kim in 2014 because I realized language programs were not focusing on the real reasons you need to improve how you speak English: to connect to others, engage in natural conversation, and communicate clearly and effectively.

Since 2008, I’ve worked with English learners from very diverse backgrounds. I focus on non-native speakers living in the US and Canada because I want you to have better personal and professional opportunities.

You belong here, and I want to help you feel like you finally fit in.

I have a Master’s degree with a TESOL certification and I've worked for language institutes, adult education programs, and international nonprofit organizations. Prior to graduate school, I worked for a corporate law firm in New York City.

I’ve lived in Chile, Peru, and Argentina and have traveled all around South America. I speak Spanish fluently, and I'm conversational in Portuguese. I'm fascinated by cross-cultural communication and this deeply influences my work.

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Free Email Course

With five short video lessons, you will improve your pronunciation, reduce your accent, and increase the clarity and impact of your spoken English.

These tips may seem simple, but they have a big impact on how you sound when speaking English.

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Clarity Consultation

Ready for honest feedback on your accent and how you sound when speaking?

During this one-to-one coaching session, you'll find out exactly what you should change in order to speak English more clearly and effectively so that people will definitely understand what you say.

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Online Courses

In these courses, you'll learn how to improve your stress and intonation so that you speak clearly and are more easily understood.

You'll find out how to use your voice and breath to communicate your meaning and create the natural rhythm, melody, and music of spoken English.

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