Accent Assessment

Are you tired of working on and wondering about your accent and not being sure if you're focusing on the right things?

Want to speak English more clearly and effectively so that people will definitely understand what you say in English?

Then you should consider investing in an Accent Assessment.

Ready for specific feedback on your accent and how you sound when speaking?

Why should I get an Accent Assessment?

If you want to know exactly what you should do to reduce your accent and improve your pronunciation, I can guide you.

Here's how: You'll record yourself speaking English and I will evaluate the way you sound. I'll send you a 15-20 minute video evaluation with personalized suggestions on specific steps you should take to immediately start improving your spoken English. I'll also include a PDF checklist and summary so you can track your progress.

What will I record myself saying?

As soon as you purchase the accent assessment, I will send you a few simple conversation questions to respond to. You'll record yourself speaking for 2-5 minutes.

My goal is to hear how you sound when speaking about familiar topics in your personal and professional life. When I listen to the recording, I'll identify which aspects of your spoken English need immediate attention so that you sound more natural.

How do I prepare for the recording?

You do not need to prepare to record yourself at all! I want you to feel relaxed and comfortable. You should speak English just as you would during an everyday conversation with friends, with colleagues at work, college, or grad school, or with a stranger you meet locally or while traveling.

What will I learn from the assessment?

When I evaluate your accent, I listen for the way you use your voice and breath and watch the way you form sounds with your lips, mouth, and jaw.

I watch your video recording several times so that I can focus on different aspects of your speech and give you clear, specific suggestions.

In my assessment video, I will explain precisely what you need to do to improve your accent and show you how you need to move your mouth and practice these sounds.

The written assessment provides additional details and points you to helpful resources. In addition, I suggest the order of priority so that you stay focused on what you need to do right now to communicate clearly and effectively.

You may need to focus on aspects of your pronunciation of vowels and consonants, word and sentence stress, connected speech, phrasing, breathing, or intonation.

You'll receive your assessment 3-5 business days from when I receive your recording. This way I can give you and your needs the focus you deserve.

Accent Assessment - Speak More Clearly and Effectively Smaller

Record Yourself Speaking

Simply send me a short video recording of yourself responding to the questions I'll send you. You can use your cell phone or webcam - it's easy!

Video Evaluation

You'll receive a detailed video recording with my specific, personalized suggestions on what YOU should do to improve your pronunciation and reduce your accent in American English.

Clear Suggestions on Improving Your Accent

You'll also get a PDF checklist and summary with clear suggestions on what you can do right now to improve your accent.

Guidance from an Experienced Coach

I'll use my years of experience with non-native English speakers of all language backgrounds to give you specific guidance on what will help you speak more clearly and effectively in American English.

What People Are Saying

Having lived in the United States for 10 years, I thought I had a fairly good accent already. I was blown away by the meticulous detail Kim has provided through the video assessment, along with the helpful articles. With just one assessment, I found out some of the biggest pronunciation mistakes I kept on making for years, and fixed them already!

She even pointed out that I had "Californian" intonation, and taught me how to improve that into more "standard" American English. Looking at how Kim moved her lips and tongue in the video was very helpful as well, since I could exactly see how to change my way of making these sounds. This was the best money I've spent in the last couple of months!

-Sung, South Korea (living in the US)

I'm so glad I took this language assessment! I am very impressed with the thoroughness and expertise you demonstrated in the Accent Assessment video and written response. I've been following your suggestions ever since and I've already seen improvements. Finally, not only you gave me invaluable suggestions and info to improve my speaking, but you also boosted my overall confidence.

-Toni, Brazil (living in the US)

Thank you for sending the assessment, it is very helpful. The concrete suggestions on what to change and what to change to was exactly I was looking for. Now I know what to practice on and where to start from.

-Raj, India (living in the US)

Kim has an engaging and practical way of teaching sounding natural. She is big on "musicality" of English so she trained me hard on intonation and length of pronunciation. She has phenomenal ears that could single out the subtle differences in my accent.

-Carol, China (living in the US)

Cost of Accent Assessment: $99

If you're ready to get my feedback on your accent, please click the button to pay for your assessment. You can pay using your credit or debit card or Paypal.

After your payment, you will receive an email from me with detailed instructions on what to do next. In short, you will send me a recording and I will send you a video evaluation.

If you don't receive the email within an hour or two, please contact me so I can send you further instructions.

I look forward to working with you!

Accent Assessment Policy

When you sign up for an accent assessment, you agree to provide a video or audio recording within 30 days of date of purchase. If you do not provide a recording within 30 days, you will forfeit your payment. You will not be offered a refund, nor will you be eligible to obtain an accent assessment at another date.

Be sure to review English with Kim's terms and conditions, privacy policy, and online course, program, and coaching policies for more information.

What Happens After Your Accent Assessment

You may continue to work on your accent using my free resources or you may choose to invest in one of my self-guided accent reduction programs.

If you are highly motivated, I offer one-on-one coaching, based on availability.

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