Clarifying What You Heard, Asking for Repetition, and Confirming Your Understanding

Even if you have been speaking English for years, you are going to find yourself in a situation where someone uses a word or a phrase you don’t know, speaks a little too fast, or mumbles (speaks unclearly). The other person might be using slang or a technical term you’re not familiar with. Or they simply may not have expressed themselves clearly. In situations like these, you should not feel embarrassed or assume that it … Read the article and watch the video lesson

Making Appointments and Plans

Have you had to make an appointment recently? What about arranging plans with your friends or family? You probably make appointments and plans on a regular basis, but you’re probably wondering if you’re using the right language and expressions to schedule these meetings. If so, don’t worry – we’re going to talk all about it! Making Appointments and Plans There are many reasons that we need to make appointments. Some of the most common appointments … Read the article and watch the video lesson