How to Improve and Use Your Listening Skills in English

Learn to communicate well and connect in conversations in English with these articles and video lessons

Train Your Ear to Hear English Rhythm and Melody

When I start working with my accent reduction clients on stress and intonation, there’s one comment I hear all the time: I never noticed this before. And then this question follows: Why did I never notice this before? Why did no one ever tell me that this was so important? … Read the article and watch the video lesson

How to Understand Fast Native English Speakers During Conversations

 Want to understand fast native English speakers during conversations in English? Do you feel a little stressed out when trying to follow what fast-talking Americans are saying? 😕 If so, you’re not alone. Most non-native speakers tend to stress out before interacting with native English speakers because they’re afraid they’re … Read the article and watch the video lesson

Use Your Listening Skills to Reduce Your Accent and Improve Your Pronunciation in English

 Can you use your listening skills in order to reduce your accent and improve your pronunciation? That’s the question we’re going to answer today! In order to improve how you sound in English, you need to increase your sensitivity to the characteristics and details of natural, native speech. After … Read the article and watch the video lesson

Use Your Listening Skills to Improve Your Speaking and Conversation Skills in English

 Today I’m going to answer a question that I get asked all the time: How can I use my listening skills to improve my speaking skills? You’ll learn how to strengthen your listening skills and use them more carefully in order to improve your overall communication strategies, conversation skills, … Read the article and watch the video lesson

Five Ways to Show Active Listening During Conversations with Americans

 Are you listening? Then you need to show me. Showing active listening is absolutely essential in American culture. Like it or not, when we are speaking a language that isn’t our first, we often have to show other people that we understand them. In my experience learning Spanish, I … Read the article and watch the video lesson

Listen to More High Quality English to Improve Your Speaking (Input vs. Output)

 Even though I haven’t specifically mentioned it before now, I’ve been consistently challenging you with my articles and video lessons. The language I use when writing is a little more complex than you may find on other sites for non-native English speakers. My sentences are sometimes quite long, because … Read the article and watch the video lesson

17 Ways to Make More Interesting Small Talk for Non-Native English Speakers Smaller

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