Small Talk Topics and Questions ? Keep the Conversation Going in English

Imagine this: you’re having a casual conversation at a social gathering or networking event. You’ve introduced yourself and covered the basics. You want to keep chatting with this person, but you feel a bit stuck. What should you say next? In this video, you’ll learn how to ask better questions and keep the conversation going when making small talk in American English. We’ll talk about 17 neutral (but interesting!) topics of conversation so that you’re prepared … Read the article and watch the video lesson

Making Small Talk in the Workplace with Colleagues and Coworkers

You probably know by now that making small talk is an essential communication skill. These brief, casual conversations are a great way to get to know new people, but they can be even more important in the workplace. If you’re working in a traditional office where you get to see your coworkers every day, there are so many opportunities for you to interact: walking through the hallway, passing by their offices, stopping by their desks, … Read the article and watch the video lesson

Thoughtful Questions to Ask When Checking In With Friends and Coworkers During a Crisis | COVID-19 Small Talk

When your friend, coworker, or acquaintance is going through a difficult time, you probably want to check in to see how they’re doing. But you may worry that your questions will bring up an uncomfortable or upsetting topic. When you’re not sure what to say, it may feel easier to say nothing at all. However, most people appreciate your efforts to connect when they’re experiencing a crisis. During challenging moments, we need more reassurance than … Read the article and watch the video lesson

Turn the Question Around By Asking What About You? | Repeat Questions Back with Stress & Intonation

 You may have noticed I’m a big fan of asking better questions in English! After all, the main reason most people want to improve how they sound when speaking English is to connect in conversation with other people. Whether you’re interacting with your friends, colleagues, co-workers, acquaintances, or even strangers on the street, asking better questions will enable you to keep the conversation going. Let’s talk about how you can show interest in the … Read the article and watch the video lesson

Three Elements for Creating Strong Answers to Conversation Questions in English

 So often when we talk about having better conversations in English, we focus on the questions. But here’s the thing: asking better questions assumes that: you’re going to be the person in charge of the conversation,  you’re going to be the person leading the conversation, and you’re going to be the one engaging the other person in conversation. For many people, being the person initiating the conversation and leading the conversation can actually be … Read the article and watch the video lesson

Start a Conversation by Asking “What’s keeping you busy these days?”

Have you ever run into a coworker in the breakroom and felt a little awkward or uncomfortable? Maybe you felt like you should try to engage them in a brief conversation, but you didn’t know what to say. Whether you cross paths in the hallway, are taking a quick break between meetings, or are pouring yourself a cup of coffee or refilling your bottle at the water cooler, you likely have plenty of opportunities to … Read the article and watch the video lesson