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Learn to communicate well and connect in conversations in English with these articles and video lessons

How to Communicate Clearly in English for Customer Service and Call Center Jobs

 If you’re working as a customer service representative and interacting with a lot of native speakers on the phone or in person, you’re probably really concerned about clear communication in English. I recently received an awesome question from a member of this community who said: “It’s really important for … Read the article and watch the video lesson

How to Communicate Your Ideas Clearly & Professionally

Have you ever experienced culture shock? Traditionally, culture shock is an experience you have when you travel or move to a new country and feel overwhelmed by all the differences you need to adjust to. New food, new language, new routines, new attitudes and behaviors – all of these require … Read the article and watch the video lesson

How to Use Better Transitions and Expressions to Sound More Professional in English

  Effective communication skills are central to having professional-sounding English. To be seen as an effective English speaker, you need to show that you’re listening to what the other person is saying and respond accordingly. This is often easier said than done. When you’re learning another language, you’re often preoccupied with … Read the article and watch the video lesson

Nine Ways to Use Clear, Simple Vocabulary to Sound More Professional in English

When you hear the word “vocabulary,” what comes to mind? For me, the word vocabulary brings me right back to high school when all the vocabulary I needed was provided for me by my teachers. I spent hours creating flashcards to memorize all the different words I needed to study … Read the article and watch the video lesson

Seven Ways to Use Your Voice and Breath to Sound More Professional in English

I have excellent news for you: sounding professional is NOT about having perfect pronunciation. When you’re trying to increase your authority, be taken more seriously, and achieve success in the business or academic setting, you may obsess over these things: how your accent sounds to other people what you are … Read the article and watch the video lesson

What It Means to Sound More Professional in English and Five Ways to Get Started

In your office or university, have you ever spoken with someone who was incredibly stiff, rigid, or uncomfortable throughout your interaction with them? Maybe they didn’t move their body much, never cracked a smile, or didn’t respond in sentences more than a few words long. How did you feel afterwards? … Read the article and watch the video lesson

17 Ways to Make More Interesting Small Talk for Non-Native English Speakers Smaller

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