Clarity Consultation

Are you tired of working on and wondering about your voice or your accent and not being sure if you’re making any progress?

Want to know what you can do to speak English clearly and confidently so that people will definitely understand you and listen to what you have to say?

Interested in getting answers to your questions about how YOU can sound more engaging, interesting, and expressive?

Then let's meet for a Clarity Consultation.

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Ready for honest feedback on how you sound when speaking American English?

Why should you consider a Clarity Consultation?

If you had the opportunity to ask me what you can do to find your voice and improve how you sound, what would you ask?

Maybe you'd find out if you’re clearly stressing your words and emphasizing your ideas.

You’d ask for feedback on the flow of your speech, and how you’re expressing your meaning and your message.

Or you’d get some tips on how to keep people listening to and interested in what you’re saying.

Perhaps you’d be interested in discussing the finer details of pitch and intonation.

Or you’d get guidance on how to use your voice and breath to communicate more effectively.

In this one-to-one coaching session, we’ll work together to answer these questions.

How does a Clarity Consultation work?

After you invest in a Clarity Consultation, you'll answer a short list of questions so I can get to know you and your needs before we meet.

If you'd like, you can even send me a short audio recording so I can hear you and take a few notes in advance.

This ensures our time together is focused so you get answers to the questions that most interest you.

This coaching session will be recorded so that you can focus on getting your questions answered rather than taking notes.

When we start the session, I'll ask you to tell me a little about yourself using familiar personal and professional topics.

That way I can hear how you speak in an actual conversation.

Then we'll talk about specific ways you can improve how you communicate with your voice and breath, focusing on stress, pitch, intonation, and thought groups.

We can also discuss the best ways for you to practice and integrate these changes.

After our meeting, I'll send you a link to download the video recording so you can review all the guidance and suggestions you received as much as you'd like.

You'll also get access to the Clarity Mini Course, which contains video lessons and exercises to help you start practicing what we discussed.

How do you prepare for the Clarity Consultation?

In order to get the most useful advice, you should try to feel relaxed and comfortable so that you speak naturally.

Just before our scheduled meeting time, you'll need to log on to Zoom or Skype and check your camera and microphone so that our meeting goes smoothly.

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Questions Before Meeting

You'll answer a few questions before we meet to ensure our time is focused and productive.

One Hour of Coaching

We'll meet on Zoom or Skype for a 60-minute one-to-one coaching session.

Video Recording

I'll record our meeting so that you can review everything we discuss.

Clarity Mini Course

You'll also receive access to a short online course containing video lessons and exercises to help you start practicing.

What happens during the Clarity Consultation?

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When I evaluate how you sound, I listen for the way you use your voice and breath.

In particular, I focus on how you stress or emphasize your words and ideas and how you use intonation to communicate what you mean.

I also pay attention to elements of prosody, such as pitch, rhythm, pace, speaking speed, breathing, pausing, and volume, in addition to stress and intonation.

During the consultation, I'll give you specific suggestions on what you personally can do to communicate clearly and confidently.

As you know, it can be really hard to identify your own communication challenges and decide where to focus your time, energy, and practice.

That's why you need clarity.

When is a good time to meet for a Clarity Consultation?

You should consider meeting with me for a Clarity Consultation when you have doubts, questions, concerns, or frustrations about how you sound when speaking American English.

You may also want to meet with me when you've been working on your voice and your accent on your own and you want to check and see how you're doing and find out what else you can focus on.

This is an excellent way to find out how Americans "hear" you!

Here are some other reasons why you may want to meet for a Clarity Consultation:

  • if you're applying to or interviewing for a new job at a new company or organization and you want to check on your accent
  • if you're looking for a new position with your current company and you're concerned that how you sound will affect your ability to get promoted
  • if you're taking a language exam like the TOEFL or IETLS and you want to know what you should do to speak more clearly and be more easily understood
  • if you have to lead meetings, teach classes, or give presentations in English and you want to feel as confident as possible about how you speak
  • if you're planning to attend a networking event or conference in English and you want a voice "tune-up" before interacting with new people
  • if you're spending a lot of time working on your accent and you're not sure if you're doing it "right" or if you're even making progress
  • if you simply want to ask questions about how you sound and find out what you can do to improve

What My Clients Are Saying

The clarity consultation session with Kim is my game changing moment. I once had misconceptions about my English speech: wanting “perfect“ pronunciation. The consultation and Kim’s coaching philosophy and practices encouraged me to pursue a much more important goal: Clear, expressive, effective speech. 

-Paula, China (living in the US)

Kim will work with you to find out the actual underlying causes of your English pronunciation and communication challenges and provides constructive feedback to help you improve further. She’s by far the best accent/communication coach I’ve ever worked with.

-Kel, Sierra Leone (living in the US)

Having lived in the United States for 10 years, I thought I had a fairly good accent already. I was blown away by the meticulous detail Kim has provided through the assessment, along with the helpful articles. With just one assessment, I found out some of the biggest pronunciation mistakes I kept on making for years, and fixed them already!

She even pointed out that I had "Californian" intonation, and taught me how to improve that into more "standard" American English. Looking at how Kim moved her lips and tongue in the video was very helpful as well, since I could exactly see how to change my way of making these sounds. This was the best money I've spent in the last couple of months!

-Sung, South Korea (living in the US)

I'm so glad I took this language assessment! I am very impressed with the thoroughness and expertise you demonstrated. I've been following your suggestions ever since and I've already seen improvements. Finally, not only you gave me invaluable suggestions and info to improve my speaking, but you also boosted my overall confidence.

-Toni, Brazil (living in the US)

Your assessment is so comprehensive and so spot on. I definitely can use all the tips and advice you gave. I'll work on them and will be keeping you posted about my progress.

-Henry, Philippines (living in the US)

Thank you for sending the assessment, it is very helpful. The concrete suggestions on what to change and what to change to was exactly I was looking for. Now I know what to practice on and where to start from.

-Raj, India (living in the US)

Kim has an engaging and practical way of teaching sounding natural. She is big on "musicality" of English so she trained me hard on intonation and length of pronunciation. She has phenomenal ears that could single out the subtle differences in my accent.

-Carol, China (living in the US)

🌟 Clarity Consultations are not currently available. 🌟

If you're interested in getting feedback on how you sound, consider joining Stress Simplified, Intonation Clinic, or the Intentional English Intensive.

Students inside these courses have the opportunity to meet with me privately on Zoom each month to get guidance and answers to their questions.

I look forward to helping you communicate clearly and confidently with your voice!

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