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17 Ways to Make More Interesting Small Talk for Non-Native English Speakers

Want to feel more confident and sound more fluent in conversations in English at work, at school, or your everyday life?

Then you need to understand how to make small talk.

This PDF guide includes 17 interesting, neutral conversation topics that work with just about anyone in any situation.

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Making Small Talk

Small talk is what we call the brief, polite conversations that you have with others when you don’t know them very well or don’t have time for a longer, more in-depth conversation.

Small talk is required for fluent conversation. It’s an essential conversation skill that can help you get jobs, make connections, and enjoy interacting with native English speakers.

Essential Skills

Inside this course, we examine conversations one skill at a time. These detailed workshops will help you understand core communication skills and the flow of conversations in English.

You’ll learn the culture behind communication techniques as well as the language and intonation you need to express yourself more like a native English speaker.

Participate Actively

After you can comfortably navigate the typical flow of a conversation in English, you want to learn how to go deeper and contribute more to the conversation.

Understand how to encourage further discussion by agreeing and disagreeing, showing interest in the other person's perspective, and demonstrating strong listening skills through verbal and nonverbal communication, and more.

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