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Ask “How do you like to start your day?” to Get People Talking About Morning Routines

When you first wake up in the morning, how do you feel? Tired? Well-rested? Energized? Lethargic? Your answer to this question may vary on a daily basis based on what you did the day before,...

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What brings you here? Four Short Words Can Start a Conversation in English

 You only need four short words to start a conversation in English. Simply ask, “What brings you here?” Whether you’re at a café, restaurant, museum, amusement park, concert, rally, conference, or networking event, you...

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Tell me about yourself! Be Prepared to Answer This Open-Ended Question

When I left my job in Chile a couple of years ago, I interviewed several people who were interested in taking over for me. Because I wanted to get to know them and their reasons...

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What do you do? Create a Strong Answer to This Very American Question

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This common expression reminds us that you want to make sure you present yourself well from the very first time someone interacts with you,...

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Learn to Ask Great Questions to Create Conversations in English

What makes a good question great? Earlier this year, I watched a live workshop with Tim Ferriss, an American entrepreneur who is famous for his podcast where he has fantastic, fascinating conversations with his guests....

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Focus on Interactional Language If You Want Better Conversations in English

Here’s a concern I often hear from English learners: “Kim, I have no trouble expressing myself in my native language, but when I try to speak in English, I don’t know how to get started....

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