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Guidelines and Expressions for Accepting Compliments

Imagine this situation: For the past couple of weeks, you have been working on a major presentation to give to senior members of your department along with your colleagues. You’ve spent hours organizing your ideas,...

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Guidelines and Expressions for Giving Compliments

If you want to improve someone’s day, there’s nothing easier than giving him or her a compliment. Giving compliments can also be an easy way to open a conversation – which is why it’s one...

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How to Give Suggestions and Strong Recommendations Using Polite Language

In this lesson, you’ll how to use verbs of suggestion and adjectives of importance with the subjunctive in that-clauses. These verbs and expressions are used to give strong or urgent recommendations, often in the workplace...

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Clarifying What You Heard, Asking for Repetition, and Confirming Your Understanding in Business English

Even if you have been speaking English for years, you are going to find yourself in a situation where someone uses a word or a phrase you don’t know, speaks a little too fast, or...

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Small Talk Skills: Ask Better Questions and Keep the Conversation Going

Imagine this: you’re having a casual conversation at a social or networking event. You’ve introduced yourself and covered the basics. You want to keep chatting with this person, but you’re a bit stuck – what...

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Small Talk in the Workplace: How to Ask and Respond to More Interesting Work-Related Questions

Making small talk is a skill that can help you develop stronger relationships with your coworkers, interact with your colleagues, and even help you gain access to job opportunities. Outside of the workplace, it can help...

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