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Whether you want to become fluent in English for your personal life or to get to the next level in your career, you need to develop your overall English fluency - including your vocabulary and your speaking, listening, and conversation skills.

That's why the English Power Pack includes a variety of courses to help you improve all these aspects of English.

We'll help you become a better, more confident, and more fluent English speaker!

The English Power Pack is on sale for 1 week ONLY: June 28-July 5!

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Five Full Courses in Portable MP4, MP3 & PDF Format:

  • 17 Secrets to Native English Listening Skills
  • Business English Course
  • Get the Job
  • English Across the Pond Fluency Kit
  • Conversation Anatomy Starter Pack

The lessons in this course explain how spoken English is special. You’ll learn the important points that most English learners don’t know from traditional classrooms and textbooks. After you take this course, spoken English will become less of a mystery. The goal is that you feel more confident about participating in English conversations and listening to any English material you want.


Learn English for your career! This course will help you communicate more confidently in professional situations. You’ll learn phrases for interviews, phone calls, meetings, negotiations, presentations, and networking. The course also teaches vocabulary for finance, marketing, management, project development, customer service, and more.


Learn the exact words & strategies to convince recruiters, and show that you have the right level of English for the job.


Improve your conversational English confidence and fluency with transcripts, comprehension questions + audio answers, and bonus English training videos. This Fluency Kit is a sample of English Across the Pond membership.


Inside the Starter Pack, we examine conversations one skill at a time. These workshops will help you understand core conversation skills in English. You’ll learn the culture behind communication techniques as well as the language you need to express yourself more like a native English speaker.

Here's What Our Students Are Saying

This course made me understand new things that I had not known even after more than ten years of studying.

-Fabian, Argentina (17 Secrets)

I have learned a lot from the clear and to-the-point audios, videos and texts. I felt truly satisfied with my improvements at the end of the Business English Course. That’s why I highly recommend it. Courses by Espresso English have great value for money.
-Luiz, Brazil (Business English Course)

Guess what, I got the job! After a first interview, I had a 2nd interview that was all in English. I had only 3 days to prepare, and I did it, thanks to your Get The Job course! The recruiter asked the same questions that you detail in the course. Your videos really helped me prepare. I’ll start my new job with a Brazilian company in 2 weeks! Thank you Christina!

– Philippe, software engineer, France (Get the Job)


I found that English Across the Pond’s membership was a good idea for me and gives me lots of opportunities to advance my English. To say that it helps improve my English might be too general. Personally for me, it was improving my communicative skills in my real life, which means for me to be able to speak grammatically correct, find topics to discuss with different people to interest them to keep a conversation with me, and the most important to me being able to understand the person I talk to. When I prepared for (the) TOEFL, I used the episodes as lectures and I had the transcripts. I have learned a lot of new vocabulary, expressions and some other new things.

– Viktoriya, Russia (Fluency Kit)

In my humble opinion [Conversation Anatomy is] awesome… you didn’t just provide us with the combination of words which we have to use… but you provide us also with the emotional part… with feelings… what to say in which occasion… that’s absolutely fantastic for me!

– Vladimir, Serbia (Conversation Anatomy Starter Pack)

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Here's Everything You Need to Know About The English Power Pack

Downloadable Videos

You'll be able to download the videos in file sizes optimized to watch on your phone, tablet, or computer.

MP3 Recordings

Many of the courses include MP3 recordings so that you can take them with you to listen whenever you need.

PDF Worksheets

You'll also receive PDF worksheets to help guide you through the courses.

Improve Your Speaking

By following the advice in these excellent courses, you'll improve how you sound when speaking English in personal and professional situations.

Save Money

These courses are worth more than $450, and you get all of them for just $97.

(The Conversation Anatomy Starter Pack by itself is valued at $97!)

You Can Do It

Through the valuable information contained in these courses, you will be prepared to confidently handle professional and personal situations.

English Power Pack

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