Hi there! I’m Kim.

I’m an online English teacher, accent coach, and business owner from Boston, MA. I work with non-native English speakers who want to sound more natural in English. I focus on essential conversation skills along with stress, intonation, and connected speech so that you - and your meaning - can be more easily understood when speaking.

And who might you be?

Are you a business professional who needs to improve your communication skills in the office? Do you need to improve how you speak English in meetings, the way you give feedback, or sound more approachable and less direct? Would you like to make better small talk with your colleagues and at networking events?

I can help.

Are you studying or teaching at an English-speaking university? Or would you like to go to graduate school in the US or Canada? Do you need to learn how to participate confidently in discussions, share your opinions and ideas articulately, and talk about your research? Or would you just like to connect with your classmates and colleagues on a personal level, interacting naturally?

I can help.

Are you a non-native English teacher who wants to fine-tune your English skills so that you feel more confident speaking English with your colleagues and native English speakers? Do you want to reduce your accent, improve your intonation, and express yourself better in speech?

I can help.

Whatever your story, if you are learning English to improve your personal and professional opportunities and are truly interested in connecting with other people in English, I can help you.

Here’s how.

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