Intonation Clinic

Express Your Meaning with Your Voice

You know your English speaking voice has
so much more potential.

You want to sound more interesting, more engaging,
and more natural when you talk.

Intonation Clinic will teach you how to
create the melody and music of English
through the rise and fall of your voice.

This American intonation course will help you
feel confident that you’re expressing the
right emotions, attitude, and meaning
through your tone of voice.


Your ideas matter.

Your voice is a powerful tool.

You can learn how to express yourself effectively.

You know that something’s missing when you speak English.

Even though your language skills are good (you might already be fluent!), you still don’t sound the way you want to.

Maybe your pitch is all over the place - you know you need more control.

Or your voice sounds flat - you feel like Americans are much more expressive than you.

Intonation Clinic - Express Your Meaning with Your Voice

You’re tired of misunderstandings based on the way people interpret what they hear in your tone of voice.

You want to finally feel confident that you’re communicating your feelings and intentions clearly.

Ever asked yourself one of these questions?

Intonation Clinic - Wondering Why

“I’ve been working on the ups and downs of my voice… but it seems like there’s more to intonation than that. What am I missing?

“Why do people think I sound bored, annoyed, or demanding when I'm actually trying to sound polite?”

“Will I ever sound as interesting, friendly, or emotional as Americans do when I speak English?”

Here's what I know about you:

You are definitely aware that you sound different than other English speakers.

You can hear pitch rises and falls, but when you try it, you're not sure if you're doing it right.

You like listening to people who sound expressive, energetic, and friendly.

You’ve probably watched a bunch of YouTube videos on stress and intonation. Maybe you’ve tried shadowing or imitating what you hear.

You get that intonation is important: after all, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

You want to have more control over your tone of voice.

You’re nervous that you’ll choose the wrong intonation and your meaning will be completely misunderstood.

You want to make sure your tone reflects the true intentions behind your words.

You know that you can use your voice to communicate your ideas more powerfully.

You're ready to learn how.

You're looking for step-by-step guidance so you can feel confident that you’re expressing precisely what it is you want to express.

In short, you want to improve your intonation, and you want help.

Let's work together in the Intonation Clinic.

intonation (noun): 

the way your pitch rises and falls when you speak in order to communicate feelings, emotions, and attitudes

clinic (noun):

an intensive session of instruction in a specific skill or field of knowledge

Here's What We'll Cover During the Intonation Clinic

Step 1:
Intonation Basics:
Melody and Music of English

You’ll discover how to create the natural rise and fall in pitch throughout your sentences by stressing, or emphasizing, the right words.

You’ll find out how to emphasize key words in order to bring attention to important ideas, clarify your meaning, and answer questions confidently.

You’ll understand how to change your inflection by focusing attention on different words and by shifting your pitch up or down through steps and glides.

Step 2:
Intonation Patterns
in American English

Next, you’ll master the three primary intonation patterns in American English: rising, falling, and non-final intonation.

You’ll understand how to choose the right intonation pattern in normal statements as well as five different types of questions.

You’ll find out how to use intonation in longer sentences and how to break your ideas into logical thought groups to make it easier for people to follow what you’re saying.

Step 3:
Express Your Emotions and
Meaning Through Intonation

Building on this strong foundation, you’ll learn how to interpret and communicate different emotions, attitudes, and feelings in English.

You’ll practice changing your pitch for various conversational reasons, and find out how to express positive emotions and indicate negative feelings and opinions.

You’ll understand how to choose the right intonation pattern for the situation and understand nuances of American intonation that will help you understand people better.

Step 4:
How to Use Intonation
in Real-Life Conversations

The last section of the Intonation Clinic will help you put what you’ve learned into practice by examining real-life situations where you’ll need to use the right intonation.

You’ll learn different ways to sound more polite using stress and intonation, as well as how to speak with authority or uncertainty, and how to show openness and respect.

You’ll understand how to use intonation to have more interesting conversations, how to sound more engaging, and how to show you're listening to keep conversations going smoothly - just by using your tone of voice.

Last but not least, you’ll learn special uses of intonation in American culture so that you present the best version of yourself when speaking English.

What's Inside Intonation Clinic?

  • 30+ detailed video lessons with clear explanations and tons of practice exercises
  • Clear, organized sections designed to help you build the skills you need step by step
  • Practice exercises and drills for each and every lesson so that you can immediately practice what you learn
  • Assignments and next steps for each and every lesson so you know how to apply what you've learned to your real life
  • Support for your questions and concerns by private chat on the course site as well as by email
  • Private feedback so you can check how you're using pitch and intonation
  • Unlimited course access for when you want to review

Get Feedback and Answers to Your Questions

Chat with Me

If you have questions as you work through the lessons, you can chat with me on the course site. You can also email me directly or comment on specific lessons.

Get Feedback

As you work on pitch and intonation, you may be wondering what you personally need to focus on. Submit a short audio recording for private written feedback and tips.

Intonation is that final piece of the accent puzzle that will help any ESL student to put together a more engaging and responsive voice, and Intonation Clinic is that missing link that will help you connect your emotions to your voice.

-Shikhar, India

What Will Change When You Master Intonation

Intonation helps you understand the deeper meaning behind the words you hear.

You'll understand exactly what people mean when they stress different words or change their tone of voice. You'll be able to decipher key information that isn't said in words, but with a change in inflection.

Intonation helps you sound more expressive and natural in English.

Your pitch will sound more natural, and less monotone. Your voice will sound more expressive and interesting. Your accent will improve because you'll be using the music and melody of English confidently.

Intonation helps you communicate how you feel without needing the perfect words.

You'll understand how to use your voice more powerfully to emphasize key parts of your message. You'll be able to sound more polite, more professional, and more respectful of other people's ideas.

Intonation helps people follow what you're saying and encourages better conversations.

You'll know how to keep people listening by breaking your ideas into smaller pieces and helping them follow along. You'll feel confident reflecting other people's emotions back to them with your voice. You'll be able to use the rise and fall of your pitch to encourage people to respond to your questions, to wait before jumping in, or to invite them to keep talking.

Intonation Clinic Is Different Than Other Programs

Speaking courses usually teach words and expressions, but not how you should say them, even though the way you change your pitch can completely change the meaning.

Accent training programs often focus on how you say certain sounds, even though stress and intonation are what truly help people understand you (even if you make pronunciation mistakes).

To make sure your message and meaning are clear, you need to master both key aspects of intonation: the melody and music of English, as well as how to express your emotions and attitude through your tone of voice.

During the Intonation Clinic, I’ll guide you through all of this step-by-step.

If you’re tired of trying to decipher intonation through bits and pieces of knowledge, Intonation Clinic is for you - we’ll cover it all!

Get Started With the Intonation Clinic

Here's How We Get Started:

  1. Click the purple button below. You'll be redirected to the course payment page.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Pay for the program with your credit or debit card or PayPal.
  4. Follow the instructions to create your account.
  5. Receive immediate access to the course site.
  6. Get started working on intonation step-by-step!

Intonation Clinic

  • Five modules on pitch, sentence stress, thought groups, intonation patterns, and how to use intonation in real-life conversation
  • 30+ video lessons to guide you step-by-step through foundational to advanced uses of intonation
  • MP3 exercises and drills to ensure consistent practice so you internalize the intonation patterns
  • Answers to your questions directly from me by chat on the course site and by email
  • Feedback on your pitch and intonation
  • Motivational emails and weekly guidance to encourage you and keep you on track
  • Detailed 235-page PDF guidebook
  • Unlimited access to a private course site you can access anytime
  • Access to all future updates and improvements

Intentional English Bundle

  • Complete Intonation Clinic Program
  • Complete Stress Simplified Program
  • Complete 30 Days of Intonation Program
  • Save over 30% on these three courses
  • 30 Days of Intonation is only available through this bundle

This intonation program IS for you if:

  • you want to master the melody and music of English
  • you want to be able to confidently express your emotions, attitudes, feelings, and meaning through intonation
  • you are interested in learning American intonation - while the patterns are often the same, you may find differences in the UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, and other English speaking countries
  • you are interested in sounding more socially and emotionally intelligent when interacting with other English speakers
  • you speak English at an intermediate, advanced, proficient, or fluent level
  • you can commit to spending 2-4 hours per week reviewing the video lessons, repeating the practice exercises, and completing the assignments that help you apply what you've learned to your life
  • you are comfortable asking questions if you don’t understand or you need more clarification - I'll be answering all your questions through chat and by email!

This program is NOT for you if:

  • you are looking for an accent training program focused on the articulation of sounds, word stress patterns, or connected speech (this program covers sentence stress, thought groups, and intonation patterns)
  • you are not interested in learning North American intonation
  • you are not willing to invest the time into watching the video lessons, repeating the practice exercises, and completing the intonation assignments (the only way to improve is through doing)
  • you speak English below the intermediate level and/or you find it extremely challenging to understand my natural speaking speed
  • you are not interested in the nuances of interpersonal communication or understanding the emotions and attitudes we communicate through tone of voice

What My Students Are Saying

Before taking this course, I was virtually tone-deaf. I never had the opportunity to examine the intonation aspect of speech at such a nuanced level. But now I'm able to spot these patterns whenever I listen to American English and that's something I didn't notice before. With this program, my ability to identify and develop pitch variation in speech has improved enormously.

Intonation is that final piece of the accent puzzle that will help any ESL student to put together a more engaging and responsive voice, and Intonation Clinic is that missing link that will help you connect your emotions to your voice.

Students who have already mastered the essentials and wish to work on the musical aspect of American English will find this resource indispensable. I don't think there's any comprehensive course in the market like this one that deals with intonation in such depth. I would highly endorse Intonation Clinic to anyone serious about advancing their fluency to the next level.

-Shikhar, India

I wanted to thank you so much - I'm so happy and glad I took your course. I have been practicing my recordings and I sound so much different now. Wow! So many years taking classes and to know that the key is not in the accent, it's the intonation. That is wonderful. Now I don't sound boring or monotone. Thank you!

-Lazara, Cuba, living in Canada

After working with you, I feel more confident interacting with people. I can now use my English to get into a deeper conversation, but I wasn’t able to do that before because I was constantly worried about my accent and my intonation. I’m not a perfectionist anymore, once I got rid of the idea of being a perfectionist, I’m actually one step closer to being more perfect.

-Nikki, Japan (living in the US)

I’ve learned that small nuances make a big impact on how people perceive, or receive, my message and that key messages are more important than sounding perfect. What I needed wasn’t perfection, but communication.

-Min Jeong, South Korea (living in the US)

Kim has an engaging and practical way of teaching sounding natural. She is big on "musicality" of English so she trained me hard on intonation and length of pronunciation. She has phenomenal ears that could single out the subtle differences in my accent.

-Carol, China (living in the US)

In my humble opinion you are awesome... you didn't just provide us with the combination of words which we have to use... but you provide us also with the emotional part... with feelings... what to say in which occasion... that's absolutely fantastic for me!

-Vladimir, Serbia

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English with Kim 2020

I’m Kim, and I work with motivated non-native English speakers who want to sound more natural, more confident, and more fluent in English so that they can achieve their personal and professional goals.

This program combines my expertise in helping people sound more natural, my interest in effective, engaging communication, and my belief that emotional intelligence and cultural fluency are central to connecting with others, no matter our backgrounds.

I have created a program that I would enroll in myself. Nothing inspires me more than watching my clients become more confident and more comfortable interacting in English because they know their meaning is clear.

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