Want to know why I think it is so important to sound more natural in English?

Let me tell you a story.

Back in 2001, I was studying Spanish language and literature, writing long academic essays in Spanish, reading novels in Spanish, watching movies in Spanish.

You’ll notice I’m not mentioning one important part: speaking in Spanish. I was doing everything in my power to not speak Spanish.


Because I was embarrassed about how I sounded. I was shy about my accent. I was afraid of saying the wrong thing and offending someone.

But I had one goal: I wanted to become fluent in Spanish.

So I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to study at university there. And right after I arrived, I went to a restaurant and realized I couldn't even order a meal in Spanish.

I could write academic papers in Spanish but I couldn’t speak the language yet. Not yet!

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I was determined, so I made an effort to speak Spanish as much as possible. Yes, there were people who pointed out my accent and my mistakes. No, that wasn’t very nice.

But then I realized the trick: I started listening to how people used the language in everyday life. I listened to how people ordered in restaurants. I listened to how people put money on their cell phones. I listened to how my classmates prefaced their opinions in discussions. And I started imitating how they spoke.

I listened to native speakers. Not textbooks.

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I soon realized that by learning the strategies and codes people use in conversation, I could get people to take me seriously even though I had an accent.

Let me be clear: I still have an accent and I’ve spent years living and working in Spanish-speaking countries! But you know what I’ve learned?

Sounding more natural is not about eliminating your accent completely.

It’s about reducing aspects of your pronunciation that distract from your message. It’s about learning the precise language that communicates your ideas effectively, and showing your listeners that you may be a non-native speaker, but you speak incredibly well.


I want to help you find the confidence I now have. I want to support you, encourage you and help you use English to achieve your goals.

I started English with Kim in 2014 because I realized my clients were busy people who needed flexible coaching sessions and soon realized I love teaching online.

I’ve been teaching English since 2008 and I’ve worked from learners from all kinds of backgrounds (including kids!). I have a Master’s degree with a TESOL certification and I'm an experienced accent reduction coach. Prior to graduate school, I spent three years working in a corporate firm in New York City.

I’ve lived in Chile, Peru, and Argentina and have traveled all around South America. I speak Spanish fluently, and I'm conversational in Portuguese. I love salsa dancing, yoga, biking, photography, embroidery, and books.

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When you get started working with me, you’ll see that I am friendly, energetic, open-minded, and passionate -- about teaching, and about just about everything in my life! I bring this curiosity into my work; you'll quickly realize that you can talk about anything with me (join a live lesson on YouTube for proof!). Remember, your experiences are an opportunity to learn something that can improve your English.

Ready to work with me? Let's go.

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