Learn to Make More Interesting Small Talk

Want to feel more confident and sound more fluent in conversations in English at work, at school, or in everyday life?

Then you need to understand how to make small talk.

Small talk describes the short conversations you have with others when you don’t know them very well or don’t have time for a longer, more in-depth conversation.

These short interactions can also be a gateway to a more engaging, interesting conversation - we have to start somewhere!

Making small talk is a skill that takes practice, even for native speakers!

Let me guide you.

If you're interested in improving your small talk skills, feel free to download my free PDF guide using the button below.

You'll learn my number one secret to becoming an expert at small talk, as well as 17 interesting, neutral conversation topics that work with just about anyone in any situation.

I also provide several examples of questions you can ask to get a conversation going for each topic.

To hear how these questions sound, simply watch the video above! 🎥

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You can find even more tips to help you communicate clearly and confidently in American English right here.

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