Find Your Voice in American English

Want to clearly express your meaning and your message through how you use your voice?

Let me show you how to improve your stress and intonation so you find your natural flow in American English.

You'll speak clearly and confidently so that people will definitely understand (and listen to) what you have to say.

With practice, you'll be able to communicate your ideas more effectively, and you'll sound more expressive, engaging, and interesting.

English with Kim 2020

Find your voice in English.

You want to improve how you communicate, but you’re not sure where to get started.

This email course will help you find your voice in American English.

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Let's Get Started!

Step One: Communicate Clearly with Stress and Thought Groups

Find Your Flow When Speaking English

Interested in speaking clearly and confidently so that people can easily understand you? Then let's talk about stress and thought groups.

First, you'll learn how to emphasize your most important words and ideas through word and sentence stress. This ensures your message and meaning are clear.

From there, you'll discover how to break your ideas into thought groups. You’ll find out how to really linger on one word of each idea to keep people listening, interested, and engaged.

On top of that, when you speak with clear stress, contrast, and thought groups, your words flow more naturally.

Step Two: Express Yourself with Pitch and Intonation

Pitch and Intonation When Speaking English

Now we're going to dive a little deeper into how to use your voice to express your ideas. Let's explore pitch and intonation.

First things first, you'll learn about the four main pitch levels in American English, and how to change your pitch to highlight key words and ideas.

Then you'll find out how to use rises and falls in pitch. These intonation patterns make it clear if you're making a statement or asking a question.

Pitch changes also help people process and remember what you're saying. In other words, when you use pitch and intonation, it's easier to follow your ideas.

Step Three: Change Your Meaning with Your Voice

Change Your Meaning with Your Voice

By now, you understand that your voice is a powerful tool! Let's discuss three ways to change your meaning with your voice.

For starters, you'll learn how to stress or emphasize a specific word to express exactly what you mean.

Moving on, you'll discover how changing your intonation or inflection can communicate a totally different attitude.

You'll also find out how your overall pitch levels reveal how you truly feel about what you're saying.

When you feel comfortable speaking with stress and intonation, you have so much more control over your meaning and your message.

Ready for more? Let's continue working on stress and intonation!

Stress Simplified

To speak English clearly and effectively, you need to understand how to consistently stress words.

In this step-by-step program, you'll learn how to control your pitch, vary your volume, and lengthen key syllables.

You'll find out how to emphasize the right words so that you sound more natural and fluid and your meaning is completely clear.

Intonation Clinic

In the Intonation Clinic, you'll learn how to create the melody and music of English with your voice.

Through detailed videos and tons of practice exercises, you'll start expressing the right emotions, attitude, and meaning through your tone of voice.

You'll sound more interesting, more engaging, and more expressive when you speak.

Intentional Bundle

Want to join both Stress Simplified and Intonation Clinic? Consider the Intentional English Intensive bundle.

You'll get immediate access to both stress and intonation programs at a special price.

As a bonus, you'll also get 30 Days of Intonation, which is currently only available inside this bundle.