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You want to speak clearly so that people will definitely understand (and listen to) what you say.

You're ready to put in the work it takes to hear a difference in how you sound.

Let's begin with the Stress Starter Kit.

Stress Starter Kit - Learn How to Use Word and Sentence Stress to Speak English More Clearly

I get it... You're so tired of being asked to repeat yourself.

You want to feel confident that people will be listening to your words, not your accent.

You feel like you've been working on your pronunciation for years now, but you still don't sound like a native speaker.

Here's the truth: Most accent advice focuses on fixing the way you say certain sounds.

But this is only one part of a natural-sounding accent (and it’s not the most important one).

If you want to be understood by native speakers, you need to speak with the rhythm and music of English.

Native speakers create English rhythm through word and sentence stress. We do this automatically.

You can hear stress as contrast throughout our speech: ups and downs, peaks and valleys, rises and falls in pitch and volume, as well as sounds we really hold and others we rush right through (they even seem to disappear!).

As a non-native English speaker, you'll need to train your ear to hear this rhythm and train your mouth to produce it.

Good news: That's what the Stress Starter Kit will help you do!

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn in this five-day email course:

  • Why you're probably not stressing words correctly right now
  • How stress works and how to know which syllables are stressed
  • Why stress helps people understand you, even if your pronunciation isn't "perfect"
  • Super important stress patterns that are required for clear speech
  • How stress works in words, phrases, and sentences
  • Actions you can take each day to create your own accent practice

When you confidently use word and sentence stress, you'll find that people will be listening to your ideas, rather than trying to decipher what they hear.

But don't take my word for it: I want you to take what you learn from the Stress Starter Kit and put it into practice in your real life.

That's why I'm sharing these simple but effective lessons with you for free.

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