Terms and Conditions

Policies for Online Courses and Programs


All payment is arranged through Paypal or Stripe. You may pay with your checking account or credit/debit card.

Please note that your payment authorizes one person (you) to participate in the course or program.


Your satisfaction is guaranteed for 14 days from your first payment. Simply email me to request your refund for any reason.

Technology and Services

I host my programs and courses on a private platform called Coach which stores your personal information securely.

I highly recommend that you use headphones or earphones to listen to the course materials so that you can hear the audio clearly.


I occasionally offer support for certain courses and programs through a private community on Slack. Please be sure to adjust your notification settings to your preferences. You can download the app to your computer, tablet, or phone or access the community through your web browser.

Please note that I will respond to questions within a few hours during my normal working hours (generally weekdays from 10AM to 6PM EST). As a reminder, I observe all U.S. national holidays and do not respond on weekends.

Please note that community support is considered a bonus for enrolling in a program during certain periods of time and is not guaranteed indefinitely. You will be notified in advance of any changes in access.


All of my course and program materials are copyrighted by me, Kim Dodge. These materials are authorized for personal use only. Any unauthorized use is prohibited.

Policies for Online Coaching Sessions


You can schedule your lessons for the time that is most convenient for youClick here to add your lesson to my calendar. My calendar is updated with my real-time availability, and my calendar automatically adjusts to your time zone.

I am currently coaching from 10AM-6PM EDT on Tuesday through Thursday.

Sessions must be scheduled 24 hours in advance. Urgent scheduling requests will incur additional fees and cannot usually be accommodated.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel a session with at least 24 hours notice, you will receive a credit for a future session.

If you cancel a session with less than 24 hours notice, you will NOT receive a refund.

If you do not show up for your session, you will NOT receive a refund.


If you provide at least 24 hours notice of your desire to reschedule your session, you can change the time of your session without penalty if I am available at another time.

Last minute schedule changes cannot be accommodated except in case of emergency (medical emergencies, natural disasters).

Lateness Policy

I will continue to be available for 30 minutes after the scheduled start time of your session. When you arrive, we will continue the session for the remaining time of the session. If you arrive 10 minutes late for a 1 hour lesson, this means that you will have a 50 minute session.

Technology and Services

My office during Winter 2017!

I use Google Hangouts and Skype for my online coaching sessions. I use Google Drive to share information and provide real-time feedback during our sessions. I use an HD webcam so that you can see me well, especially for accent training. I use a high-quality standing microphone so that you can hear me more clearly.

You need to have Skype or Google Hangouts installed on your computer. If you have a slow internet connection, Google Hangouts usually works better. I highly recommend that you use a microphone and headphones. Earphones with an attached microphone are usually fine.


All payment is arranged through Paypal or Stripe. You may pay with your checking account or credit/debit card.

You must pay in full at least 24 hours before your next scheduled session.

Please note that if you purchase a package of sessions, they will expire on the date indicated. I can no longer make exceptions or offer extensions. Please evaluate your personal schedule accordingly.

Holidays and Vacation

I observe all U.S. national holidays. I will remind you of these holidays when they are approaching.

If I am taking vacation, I will let you know at least one week in advance.

Sick Days or Unexpected Circumstances

Very rarely, I may need to reschedule a class at the last minute due to illness.

I may also need to reschedule due to unexpected circumstances such as power outages, problems with the internet connection, or even natural disasters.

If this happens, you will receive credit for a future session.


As a professional English teacher with nearly a decade of experience, I truly believe that my suggestions and methods for improving your English will help you sound more natural in English and help you achieve your personal and professional goals as they relate to your language ability. However, you must also put in the time and effort into studying English in order to make significant changes in how you speak English, pronounce words, and express yourself.

On this website and during my online sessions, assessments, programs, and courses, I provide my expertise and guidance, but it is possible that these methods will not work for each and every learner.

Your decision to continue studying English and working on your accent and communication skills using my website, materials and methods means that you accept these terms and conditions.


If you have any questions on policies that are not covered here, please contact me.

Last Updated November 20, 2017

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