How to Pronounce Long Vowels Like a Native English Speaker

Would you like to sound like a native English speaker when pronouncing vowels in English?

Interested in learning my favorite tip for helping my clients reduce their accents and make a big step towards natural English?

This video will definitely help you!

In the video above, I describe my top tip that will help you sound natural when pronouncing English.

I’ll show you the “shaping” that you need to add to your long vowel sounds in order to sound like a native English speaker.

Chances are you speak a language with vowels that are very similar to our “long” vowels (aeiou!), but what you probably didn’t know is that our long vowels aren’t “pure.”

While you’ve probably learned that you need to hold the vowel a little bit longer than in your language (especially when paying attention to your word stress!), you might not have understood that you need to shape the vowel sound with your lips to get it right.

(This is why some phonetic alphabets indicate the long vowels with these symbols: /ey/ /iy/ /ay/ /ow/ /uw/. Sometimes the “y” and “w” are tiny little letters because it’s not a full sound, just a shape!)

Watch the video lesson in order to master these vowel sounds. I promise that it’s easy – and you’ll notice an immediate difference in how you sound in English.

Your Turn

After watching the video, be sure to start putting this tip into action! I suggest that you focus on one vowel sound a day for five days.

Make an effort to shape the long vowel correctly every time you use it. After one week, you’ll be that much closer to sounding like a native English speaker.

Leave a comment below if this tip helped you. Are there any other sounds you have questions about? I’m looking forward to making more videos soon!

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