You want to sound more natural & feel more confident when speaking English.

I can help.

When you work with me, we'll focus on the real-life, high-level conversation skills you really need to connect in conversations in English.

We'll work on key communication strategies and professional language so that you can express your ideas and communicate more effectively, more like a native speaker.

We'll also fine-tune your accent, improve your intonation, and work on connected speech so that you speak more clearly and are more easily understood.

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What People Are Saying

After working with you, I feel more confident interacting with people. I feel more welcoming than I was before. I feel more confident with my intonation. I can now use my English to get into a deeper conversation, but I wasn’t able to do that before because I was constantly worried about my accent and my intonation. I’m not a perfectionist anymore, once I got rid of the idea of being a perfectionist, I’m actually one step closer to being more perfect.

-Nikki, Japan

Kim has an engaging and practical way of teaching sounding natural. She is big on "musicality" of English so she trained me hard on intonation and length of pronunciation. She has phenomenal ears that could single out the subtle differences in my accent. She is also very savvy in the business context and taught me tons of tips for meeting facilitation and business conversations.  Kim's English is one of the best English classes I've ever had!
-Carol, China

In my humble opinion you are awesome... you didn't just provide us with the combination of words which we have to use... but you provide us also with the emotional part... with feelings... what to say in which occasion... that's absolutely fantastic for me!

-Vladimir, Serbia

I came to lessons with you with clear goals, but through the course of working with you, I diagnosed and got to the root of my problems. I’ve learned that small nuances make a big impact on how people perceive, or receive, my message and that key messages are more important than sounding perfect. What I needed wasn’t perfection, but communication.

-Min Jeong, South Korea

I have just come back from Ireland. I have been there for a week, with another teacher with 22 fifteen-year-old students from my school, in a linguistic immersion programme. It's been an awesome experience. I have been living with an Irish family, and we have been talking for hours! I'm telling you about this experience, because I think I have fitted in really well, and I realised that your advise, your lessons, have been so helpful for me! Thanks very much. I really appreciate everything you teach us...It really works for me.

-Eva, Spain

I'd love to share my thoughts of working with you! I see with instant clarity that helping people to communicate in natural English is definitely one of your greatest missions! Watching your videos, talking to your personally I always feel you are absolutely on “your place” on this planet! Your considerable experience in teaching English in various ways, living abroad, openness to the world and tolerance have lead you to your own style of work – efficient online coaching. Being a non-native speaker English teacher I am so much happy to have you as a colleague! It's really fabulous that having provided my clients with the basic language skills I can offer them to gain and enrich conversational English directly with you! To my mind it's a reasonable solution of investing their time, money and energy! Besides I am excited to recommend you to anyone who needs professional and comfortable assistance in developing English and might be reading this message.

-Lena, Russia

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Want to reduce your accent and improve how you sound when speaking?

Work with me to improve your pronunciation, stress, and intonation so that your message is clearly understood. Learn how to use your voice and breath to convey your meaning and create the natural rhythm of spoken English.

Accent Assessment - Speak More Clearly and Effectively - English with Kim

Accent Assessment

If you want to know exactly what you should do to improve your pronunciation and reduce your accent, I can guide you.

You'll record yourself speaking English in audio or video in response to questions I provide.

I'll then send you a video assessment with personalized suggestions on specific steps you should take to immediately start improving your spoken English.

Clarity Consultation - Clear Guidance on How to Improve Your Accent - English with Kim

Clarity Consultation

Receive my feedback on your accent and pronunciation, learn how you can better use stress and intonation, and understand how to control your voice and breath.

You'll meet with me on Skype or Google Hangouts for a one hour coaching session. You'll leave with a recording containing with specific, personalized suggestions for independent practice. I'll also send you a PDF evaluation.

Stress Simplified - Speak English More Clearly - Express Yourself Naturally

Guided Program

Improve your accent on your own schedule by following my time-tested curriculum.

I'll guide you with video coaching, MP3 recordings, and PDF worksheets.

You can choose to get consistent feedback and guidance from me by adding voice chat, video coaching, or one-to-one sessions.

Starting October 2017

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