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"The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said."

Peter Drucker

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Understand the Anatomy of a Conversation in English

Inside the Conversation Anatomy Starter Pack, we examine conversations one skill at a time. The detailed full-length workshops will help you understand core conversation skills in English.

You’ll learn the culture behind communication techniques as well as the language you need to express yourself more like a native English speaker.

You'll be able to study conversations anywhere with downloadable MP4s, MP3s, and PDF worksheets.

The Starter Pack is part of the English Power Pack, on sale for just one week: June 28-July 5, 2017.

Recorded Workshops - Strategies for Agreeing and Disagreeing in English
Recorded Workshops - Strategies for Asking for and Receiving Feedback in English

Conversation Anatomy: Improve Your Communication Skills

To receive access to all of these workshops, consider joining Conversation Anatomy.

Conversation Anatomy is an exclusive online program where you will learn and develop the essential conversation skills you need to sound more natural in English.

In this monthly program, you will make consistent, measurable, steady progress towards your goal of communicating like a native English speaker. You’ll have support and guidance from an experienced conversation teacher and language coach (that's me!) and other motivated English learners.

Inside Conversation Anatomy June 2017

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